A note on the image:

background image: The background image is one of Le Corbusier's Proposed Housing Development for Paris, Moscow . Read more about the image here.

framing image: This is an edited copy of the baground image.


Benjamin's primary image in The Arcades Project is that of an architectural construction: the arcades. It is through this image that Benjamin--knowing it or not--brings to light some interesting facts about books in general.

First off, we must remind ourselves yet again that the Passagenwerk is a much more functional title than its English counterpart, The Arcades Project. The emphasis is on passages, a word with many layers. See the following from the Oxford English Diction (2nd edition 1989, online)

The Arcades Project Project is part of Heather Marcelle Crickenberger's doctoral dissertation entitled "The Structure of Awakening": Walter Benjamin and Progressive Scholarship in New Media which was defended and passed on June 27, 2007 at the University of South Carolina. The committe members are as follows: John Muckelbauer, Ph.D, Judith James, Ph.D., Dan Smith, Ph.D, Brad Collins, Ph. D., and Anthony Jarrells, Ph.D. Copyright 2007 by Heather Marcelle Crickenberger. All rights reserved.