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Meek, Allen. "Guides to the Electropolis: Toward a Spectral Critique of the Media." PMC 7.1,1996. (par. 20).

The different "Guides" in The Arcades Project Project:

Writers: PERFORMED SEARCHES (3/15/06)

1. Charles Baudelaire: "A Une Passante", bibliography, book, chance encounters, death in Venice, flâneur, guide, lighting, Poe, prospectus, recreation

2. Jean Baudrillard: accessibility, bibliography, centers and surfaces, chance encounters, chance, collecting, debord, display, gambling, guide, juxtaposition, labyrinths, myth, notes, omission, passages, Poe, prospectus, ritual, seduction, space, spiders, stakes, strategy, targets, traces

3. Walter Benjamin: The Arcades Project,

4. Sophie Calle:

5. Gilles Deleuze:

6. Deleuze-Guattari.:

7. Henry Miller:

8. Frederich Nietzsche:

9. Edgar Allan Poe: accessibility, bibliography, flâneur, frames, gambling, guide, links, notes, obsession, passengers, man of the crowd, prospectus, prospectusNEW, quiz, weather

10. Gertrude Stein: accessibility, arcades, assemblage, bibliography, death in Venice, dissemination, eclecticism, flaneur, links, prospectus early, prospectus 2003, prospectus, prospectusNEW, repetition, work of art


See this list of artists used for background wallpaper here.

ALSO, See concept of the GUIDE AS GENRE. Baudelaire, Whitman, The Zombie Survival Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Poe's Man of the Crowd Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Robert Frost "if you let a guide lead you who only has at heart your getting lost." Divine Comedy

Explore differences between Travel Guide

Mary Wollstencraft, Tibbetan Book of the Dead and The Art of War, How to Write, Moby Dick , Anarchist Cookbook, Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book, Le Paysan de Paris by Louis Aragon,.

Narrative Games: Choose your own adventure, d & d narratives, videogames...structure as guide

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