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Not just lighting as in shedding light--but lighting as in "rendering visible"--as well as "lighting upon something", touching on something.

See Futurist movement (see reference in convolute "Structure") in the visual arts, especially Giacomo Balla,

Henri Bergson's connection with light.

Photography is essentially painting with light.

By 1914 Giacomo Balla, a Futurist whose Mercury Passing Before the Sun is used as background wallpaper for The Arcades Project Project 's chapter on Baudelaire's "A une Passante" had named his two daughters Propeller and Light. (Click here for source.)
See here what the Tate Gallery has done with Frank Auerbach's Small Head of E.O.W. and Rimbaud and the help of The National Gallery and Hewlitt Packard Labs in this article on "Variable Light"

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