Returning -- ruminating -- repetition -- the omission of everything other -- seduction

For an example of obsession, see navigation device below:

absence of mind alphabet anchors anderson aquariums arcades project architecture arrivals assemblage a une passante avant-garde backgrounds barnes bibliography book boulevards cafe canetti centers centers-surfaces chance chance/encounters collecting constellations containment copernicus crowds death departures display dissemination diversion dwelling ecclecticism editors encounters end exteriority faulkner flaneur frames gambling network labyrinths lighting links magic maps messages minotaur myth narcissus navigation network nodes novelty obsession omissions palaces parasite passages passengers paths poe presence of mind prospectus prosthesis prostitution quotation randomness reading recreation refrain repetition ritual ruins rules scrolls search seduction serres smoothe space spiders stakes storage strategy striated structure sublime surfaces surrealism target text thread threshold toolbar traces types underground wandering weather webs wharton zero

The Arcades Project Project is part of Heather Marcelle Crickenberger's doctoral dissertation entitled "The Structure of Awakening": Walter Benjamin and Progressive Scholarship in New Media which was defended and passed on June 27, 2007 at the University of South Carolina. The committe members are as follows: John Muckelbauer, Ph.D, Judith James, Ph.D., Dan Smith, Ph.D, Brad Collins, Ph. D., and Anthony Jarrells, Ph.D. Copyright 2007 by Heather Marcelle Crickenberger. All rights reserved. lems concerning what you find here, feel free to contact me at marcelle@thelemming.com. You are also invited to leave a message for me and other visitors HERE. The Arcades Project Project or The Rhetoric of Hypertext